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Hydraulics Overview

Have a blown hydraulic hose? No problem for us at Morin Diesel, we are an authorized Parker Product Center and stock a vast inventory of hoses and hose ends to get you back up and running quickly. Need mobile field service to repair your hosing issue? Yet again not a problem, our service trucks are setup to make hydraulic hoses onsite as well.

Is your issue a little more serious than a blown hose? We are here to help with that too, pumps, motors, servos, solenoids, valving and cooler issues are all things that we are familiar in dealing with.  We even offer flow meter services to help setup systems or detect failing hydraulic components.


Frequently Asked Questions

Using quality hydraulic hoses is essential for several reasons in hydraulic systems, where these hoses play a critical role in transferring hydraulic fluid and power. Here are some key reasons why it is important to use high-quality hydraulic hoses:

Safety: Quality hydraulic hoses are designed and manufactured to meet strict industry standards, ensuring their durability and reliability. Inferior hoses may fail under pressure, leading to leaks or ruptures that can result in hydraulic fluid spraying, fire hazards, or other safety risks. High-quality hoses are less likely to fail, minimizing the potential for accidents and injuries.

System Performance: Hydraulic systems rely on the efficient transfer of hydraulic fluid to transmit power and control machinery. Low-quality hoses with manufacturing defects or weak materials can impede fluid flow, reduce system efficiency, and lead to decreased overall performance. High-quality hoses maintain consistent fluid flow and pressure, ensuring optimal system operation.

Durability and Longevity: Quality hydraulic hoses are constructed from materials designed to withstand the demands of hydraulic systems, including high pressure, temperature variations, abrasion, and exposure to hydraulic fluids. They are less likely to deteriorate or degrade over time, resulting in a longer service life and reduced maintenance costs.

Reliability: Hydraulic systems are often used in critical applications where downtime can be costly and disruptive. High-quality hoses are more reliable, minimizing the risk of unexpected failures or system breakdowns. This reliability is especially important in industries such as construction, manufacturing, and agriculture.

Environmental Impact: Hydraulic fluid leakage from substandard hoses can have environmental consequences. High-quality hoses are less prone to leakage, reducing the risk of hydraulic fluid contamination and environmental damage.

Cost Savings: While high-quality hydraulic hoses may have a higher upfront cost, they often provide cost savings in the long run. Their durability and reliability reduce the need for frequent replacements and maintenance, lowering overall operating costs.

Compatibility: Quality hydraulic hoses are manufactured to specific industry standards and specifications. This ensures compatibility with various hydraulic components, connectors, and fittings, reducing the risk of compatibility issues that can arise with non-standard or low-quality hoses.

Compliance with Regulations: Some industries and applications have specific regulations and standards governing the use of hydraulic hoses. Using quality hoses that meet these standards helps ensure compliance and avoids potential legal and regulatory issues.

The largest and most well-known hydraulic hose manufacturers in the world is Parker Hannifin Corporation. Parker Hannifin is a multinational company that produces a wide range of motion and control technologies, including hydraulic hoses and related components. They are a significant player in the hydraulic hose industry and have a global presence, supplying hydraulic products to various industries and applications.

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