Sport SSVs

Experience the Thrill with Segway Sport SSVs at Morin Diesel

Dive into the world of adventure with Segway’s top-of-the-line Sport Side-by-Side Vehicles (SSVs). Whether you're craving high-speed races or robust off-road capabilities, our lineup of Villain and Super Villain models at Morin Diesel delivers unmatched performance and cutting-edge technology.

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Sport SSVs Overview

At Morin Diesel, we are committed to delivering high-performance, quality vehicles that cater to both your adventurous spirit and practical needs. Each Segway SSV model is crafted with attention to detail and equipped with advanced features like the Smart Moving APP, high-performance suspension, and customizable power settings. Our knowledgeable team is here to help you select the perfect model to conquer any terrain.

Visit us to see these dynamic vehicles in person, or contact us for more information and schedule a test drive. Discover the power, style, and innovation that only Segway Powersports can deliver, here at Morin Diesel.

Villain SX10 (Gasoline)

The Villain SX10 is engineered for adrenaline-seekers who demand power and precision. With a 1000cc 4-Stroke Parallel-Twin Cylinder DOHC engine producing 105 hp, and a drive system featuring 2WD/4WD capabilities, this SSV is your gateway to exploring the uncharted. Its electronic power steering and automatic CVT transmission ensure smooth handling across rugged terrains. The Villain SX10 stands out with its robust suspension system and aluminum wheels, guaranteeing a thrilling yet stable ride.

Villain SX10 W (Gasoline)

Designed for those who seek wider adventures, the Villain SX10 W extends the standard SX10 capabilities with a broader stance, ensuring enhanced stability and performance in diverse environments. Experience the same powerful specs with added room to maneuver comfortably and confidently on the wildest of trails.

Super Villain SX20 Turbo

For those who push limits, the Super Villain SX20 Turbo is the ultimate choice. This beast features a 2.0T GDi engine with an impressive 235 hp, backed by a turbocharger to boost your off-road escapades to new heights. Its sophisticated drivetrain includes a seamless automatic transmission and a manual differential lock system for superior traction and control.

Super Villain SX20 Hybrid

The future of off-roading arrives with the Super Villain SX20 Hybrid, blending traditional gasoline power with electric motor innovation. This model offers a unique 70 kW motor paired with a 330 hp engine, setting a new standard in hybrid SSV performance. It's designed not only for power but also efficiency and sustainability, providing a more responsive and quieter ride with reduced environmental impact.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Super Villain SX20 Turbo is equipped with a powerful 2.0T GDi engine that delivers 235 horsepower, optimized for high-speed performance and off-road agility. In contrast, the SX20 Hybrid combines this gasoline engine with a 70 kW electric motor, providing a boost to 330 horsepower and offering a more efficient and quieter ride with reduced environmental impact.

The Villain SX10 models are designed with both new and experienced riders in mind. They feature electronic power steering and an automatic CVT transmission, making them easy to handle. However, due to their powerful 1000cc engines and advanced capabilities, new riders should take care to familiarize themselves with the vehicle's handling and features in a safe environment before tackling challenging terrains.

Our Sport SSVs come equipped with cutting-edge technology to enhance your riding experience. Features include the Smart Moving APP for real-time data tracking and vehicle management, adjustable electronic power steering for superior handling, and optional touchscreen displays for easy control and navigation. These features are designed to make your off-road adventures both thrilling and manageable.

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