Preventative Maintence

Fix a problem before it becomes a problem

Enjoy the benefits of reduced down time with regularly scheduled maintenance

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Preventative Maintence Overview

Did you know that most costly repairs can be avoided or lessened with preventative maintenance? The difference between having highly skilled mechanics regularly performing PM services on your machines and having just anybody change your oil & filters can be expensive. We teach our technicians to look over the whole machine while performing services and make note of anything they might find. Any issues found are then relayed to you the customer along with what we feel the severity of the problem may be.

Chaffed hydraulic hoses, pinched electrical wiring, exhaust leaks, cracks and leaks are all things that we look for that if left unattended can snowball into much larger problems. Larger problems equal downtime and in todays market of long lead time on parts and high demands on jobsite deadlines that can end up costing you big!

If you want to talk about setting up your equipment for regular scheduled maintenance so you can stay ahead of repairs then let us know. We will work together with you to tailor a solution that best fits your needs.

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