Rainier Truck

Uncomplicated, dependable, keep it simple work trucks.

WHY RAINIER? We care about your business and the profitability of it, we listen carefully to understand your needs and try our best to deliver on them. We offer dealers and their customers a complete line of class 3-8 COE trucks. We offer 50 State Emmissions Compliant diesel, gasoline and power-trains. We offer a choice of vertical or horizontal exhaust configurations. We offer more standard features than anyone in this business.

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Rainier Truck Overview

OUR TRUCKS AT A GLANCE Simple, reliable, and straightforward workhorses.

Foundation: Each of our frame rails is crafted from robust 50,000 psi steel. Our crossmembers are precision-engineered, powder-coated, and seamlessly integrated into the frame. There's no room for makeshift additions; it's either a perfect fit or not at all. This assembly underscores two core promises: unmatched strength and top-tier quality.

Electrical System: We believe in keeping things uncomplicated. Our electrical system shuns complex multiplexing, instead favoring hard-wired setups with waterproof connectors, safeguarded by protective relays and fuses. Troubleshooting doesn't demand IT expertise; for instance, if your wipers stall, it's likely a fuse issue or a motor malfunction. Our dashboard avoids intricate, costly units, opting for distinct electronic gauges that promise quicker and cost-effective maintenance or replacements.

Premier Components: Only the finest, industry-leading components find their way into our trucks. We prioritize quality over cost-cutting, ensuring you get the most dependable and rugged parts. This philosophy not only cuts down warranty claims and downtime but also keeps our focus sharp on keeping our trucks on the road rather than in repair bays.

Serviceability: Feedback is pivotal. We tune into our customers and dealers, ensuring our truck components are easily accessible for swift and hassle-free maintenance. Thoughtful design considerations distinguish our trucks, optimizing them for uninterrupted service rather than prolonged downtimes.

Performance: By coupling North America's top-performing powertrains with our robust truck cab-chassis, we're confident that our Rainier trucks will consistently deliver unparalleled performance, supporting your business day after day.


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Cummins B 6.7L Turbo Diesel Engine

The default engine offered is the ISB 6.7L, which boasts cutting-edge Cummins technology. This includes comprehensive electronic controls, an advanced high-pressure common-rail fuel injection system, a 24-valve configuration, the signature VGT turbocharger, a particulate filter, and more. Additionally, the 6.7L engine provides a selection of 8 different horsepower and torque specifications to choose from.

Allison Six Speed Transmission

Every engine option we provide is paired with the six-speed automatic rugged duty series transmissions from Allison. Representing unparalleled toughness and reliability in North America, all of our transmissions come with a standard power take-off (PTO) provision. These Allison® automatics utilize the Generation VI control module, ensuring smooth operations, and come equipped with the load-based shift scheduling (LBSS) feature.

Dana Products Dana Single Reduction Drive Axle

With a high-capacity gearing and bearing system, we achieve exceptional power density, ensuring durability and reliability even with high horsepower/torque engines. The gear size is optimized, featuring a broad face width for added robustness.

Dana E-Series Steer Axles

Featuring a patented integral arm knuckle design, our equipment ensures top-tier turn angle radius combined with lightweight properties. Our dual drawkey design, also patented, enhances durability and alignment. Furthermore, the unique tie rod end sealing system elevates durability while minimizing maintenance needs. Our innovative power rib design, yet another patented feature, efficiently reduces weight but retains exceptional durability, especially when paired with high-torque brakes.

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