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Steelwrist Overview

Steelwrist Tiltrotators are equipped with unparalleled 360-degree rotation and 45-degree tilt capabilities in both directions, our tiltrotators redefine precision and control.

They empower you to accelerate task completion or to venture into previously unattainable job types.

Further enhancing your efficiency, our tiltrotators come with an in-built gripper, significantly boosting your productivity on the job.

The options and variablity are almost endless with a Steelwrist, contact us to find a setup that will suit your needs.

X07 S50

A Tailored Tiltrotator for Compact Machinery Compatible with S45/S50 The Steelwrist X07 is meticulously designed, emphasizing agility, low-profile construction, and weight—critical features for compact excavators. Specifically crafted for 5-ton machines utilizing S45 or S50, the X07 is a preferred choice often with a direct-mounted top. Thanks to its steel-cast architecture, it achieves a lightweight without compromising on strength, ensuring all the essentials to enhance your operation are in place.


Steelwrist Performance-Driven Tools The Steelwrist multi-grapple stands as our all-round construction and logging tool. It excels in tasks ranging from heavy lifting and stone placement to sorting, handling cut-to-length timber, managing waste wood, and even light demolition. Our latest high-efficiency sorting grapples are designed for more demanding jobs, including managing sizable stones, timber, recycling materials, scrap, and sorting. Additionally, they're apt for medium-scale demolition tasks. Meanwhile, the Steelwrist finger grapple serves as a robust universal solution for handling stumps, debris, scrap materials, and dense vegetation.

Cable Bucket CB6

Precision with the Cable Bucket The Steelwrist cable bucket features a heightened design from the cutting edge to the attachment bracket, ensuring seamless entry into trenches without hindrance from the tiltrotator. To ensure reliability, the tiltrotator gripper unit boasts robust cylinder protection. For the more expansive buckets (S60 and above), we utilize oversized pipes to enhance the bucket's rigidity. Conversely, the smaller buckets employ a sheet metal truss framework, optimizing strength while minimizing weight.

XT10 DF/S45 Tilt Coupler

When Tilt Capability is All You Need The Steelwrist tilt coupler seamlessly merges a sturdy tilt motor with Steelwrist's signature Front Pin Lock technology. It's the ideal choice for those seeking a reliable quick coupler solution that prioritizes tilt functions without requiring the comprehensive features of a full-fledged tiltrotator. Constructed from a steel-casted coupler foundation, the Steelwrist tilt coupler also incorporates a robust direct-fit top equipped with expander pins.

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