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BEYOND JUST WOODCHIPPERS Först isn't just a brand; it's a movement powered by zeal and dedication to our craft and the sector we're part of. We're not just colleagues; we're family, a cohesive unit, a brand magnetizing talents and kindred spirits eager to embark on the Först adventure. Our offerings transcend the realm of just arborist woodchippers. We provide unparalleled customer experiences and forge lasting business alliances, empowering our clients to streamline their operations.

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Först Chippers Overview


Först – Europe's Leading Woodchippers Now in North America!

Först Wood Chippers: Power Meets Precision

Dive into the world of Först Wood Chippers, where engineering excellence is at the heart of every machine. Crafted for both professionals and enthusiasts, Först chippers combine robust construction with ergonomic design, ensuring durability while prioritizing user safety. Each chipper is fine-tuned for optimal performance, turning even the most stubborn wood into finely chipped material, suitable for a range of applications. With a keen focus on sustainability, these chippers are designed for fuel efficiency and minimal environmental impact. Whether you're managing large-scale forestry projects or tending to your backyard, Först provides a solution that's not just about chipping wood; it's about delivering reliability, efficiency, and unparalleled quality. Join the Först family and experience the difference.


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Först ST8D

8” x 10” Diesel

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Först TR8D

8” x 10” Diesel

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Först XR8D

8” x 10” Diesel

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