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The Mahindra Roxor 2.7L 4 cyl Commonrail Turbo Diesel, 5 Speed Standard Transmission, Dana T18 Transfercase, Dana 44 Axles, Leaf Springs & Full Boxed Frame!

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Mahindra Roxor Overview

Comparing the Mahindra® ROXOR® to the ROXOR® All-Weather Side-By-Side

When deciding between a Mahindra ROXOR and a ROXOR all-weather UTV, your choice depends on various factors. Both models offer exceptional performance and durability, making them suitable for challenging tasks and terrains. However, the key distinction lies in the additional features of the all-weather ROXOR UTVs. Continue reading to delve into the details of these models, and if you have questions or wish to see them in person, pay a visit to your local Mahindra dealer.

What Sets the ROXOR® All-Weather UTV Apart?

The ROXOR all-weather UTV includes a Composite Cab, providing:

  • Protection from trail hazards like debris kicked up by other powersports vehicles.
  • Defense against nuisances such as mosquitoes or bees.
  • Shelter from rain, wind, and adverse weather conditions.

Furthermore, the cab incorporates features like a side-view mirror and windshield wipers, enhancing the overall comfort of your riding experience.

Weight Comparison: ROXOR® vs. ROXOR® All-Weather UTV

The addition of the cab significantly increases the weight. The standard ROXOR UTV has a base curb weight of 2,990 pounds, while the ROXOR All-Weather UTV weighs in at 3,330 pounds. A lighter UTV offers advantages like improved maneuverability and fuel efficiency, while a heavier side-by-side tends to be more stable, especially on challenging terrain or demanding projects.

Customizing Your ROXOR® to Match the ROXOR® All-Weather UTV

Numerous accessories are available for Mahindra ROXOR UTVs, including side and rearview mirrors, a Bestop bikini top, and a polycarbonate windshield. It's feasible to purchase a standard ROXOR UTV and subsequently enhance it with these accessories to make it better suited for all-weather use. However, this process can be time-consuming, involving the search for the right parts, ordering, and installation.

Choosing the Right ROXOR® Model for Your Needs

The standard ROXOR side-by-side is ideal for:

  • Those who primarily drive in fair weather conditions without rain or low temperatures.
  • Individuals who infrequently engage in trail riding with others and are less exposed to debris.
  • Riders in areas with fewer obstacles like low-hanging branches.
  • Budget-conscious buyers.
  • Those seeking some, but not all, of the features available on the all-weather model and are willing to invest in accessories accordingly.

On the other hand, the all-weather ROXOR side-by-side suits:

  • Individuals desiring weather protection while working or trail riding.
  • Those seeking protection from trail hazards and irritations.
  • Buyers with a more substantial budget for their UTV purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Roxor is a highly capable diesel powered 4x4 off-road utility vehicle with many different uses.

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