Grapples & Grapple Saws

The perfect excavator attachment to add productivity to your land clearing operation.

A power grapple is the go to attachment of choice for land clearing professionals.

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Grapples & Grapple Saws Overview

Adding a power rotation grapple or grapple saw will boost your productivity while maintaining the safety of your crew. Handle and process trees from the comfort of your cab from a safe distance. We offer several manufacturers for grapples and grapple saws to make sure we can correctly meet all of our customers needs.

Bateman Grapples

Bateman Grapples: Bateman Grapples epitomize the perfect blend of robust engineering and precision-based design, offering a high-performance solution for material handling and challenging terrains. Built with a keen eye for durability, these grapples are crafted from superior-grade materials that ensure longevity and resistance against wear and tear. Each Bateman Grapple is ergonomically designed, providing operators with seamless control and reducing fatigue during prolonged use. The grapple's multi-tine configuration ensures optimal grip, making it easier to pick up, hold, and transport a variety of materials ranging from logs to debris. With its 360-degree rotation capability, these grapples allow for improved maneuverability and positioning, providing enhanced efficiency in operations. Equipped with high-strength hydraulic components, Bateman Grapples ensure smooth operation even under heavy loads, ensuring consistent performance and reduced maintenance. Safety, being a prime concern, is evident in their design, which features secure lock mechanisms and protective structures to prevent accidental releases or slips. For operators and businesses looking for a reliable, efficient, and versatile grapple solution, Bateman Grapples stand as a benchmark in the industry, testament to their commitment to quality and functionality.

Ryan's Equipment Grapples

Ryan's Equipment Grapples: Setting a benchmark in the grapple market, Ryan’s line of Fixed Rotating Grapples combines robustness with precision. Crafted from premium AR 500 & API 70 solid steel, these grapples exemplify resilience, engineered to endure the harshest conditions and maintain optimal performance. Notably, their rotators rank among the most durable in the market, each meticulously calibrated to match specific machine ratings. For tasks demanding meticulous handling, such as forestry, recycling, and landscaping, Ryan’s Fixed Rotating Log Grapples are the go-to choice. These grapples, specifically designed to grip and bundle logs, ensure teeth don't bite into the logs, promoting faster and more efficient bundling. Whether you're stacking, sorting, loading, or unloading logs and timber, Ryan’s Log Grapple offers unmatched power and precision. Diversity in design caters to varying needs. The Fixed Rotating Multi Grapple is perfect for handling diverse materials, from scrap and garbage to demolition debris and waste paper, showcasing its versatility across landscaping, recycling, and forestry sectors. Catering to nuanced requirements, Ryan's Equipment offers two distinct multipurpose grapple styles. The 1000 series is armed with teeth tailored to securely grasp and lift, while the 1200 series presents a smoother edge, ideal for handling logs and materials requiring gentler handling. Choose Ryan's Equipment Grapples, where strength meets finesse, ensuring every job is executed with unmatched efficiency and care.

Rotobec Grapples

When it comes to logging grapple needs, Rotobec stands as a beacon of reliability and efficiency. Committed to meeting the diverse demands of the logging industry, we offer a comprehensive range of grapples: Standard Duty, Heavy Duty, and the formidable Super Heavy Duty. Each model is thoughtfully designed to cater to specific applications, ensuring you get optimal performance every time. At the heart of our design is Rotobec's own high-pressure cylinders, a watertight RT-Series rotator, and an unparalleled interlocking head structure. With these foundational elements, our Log Grapple has consistently outperformed competitors for decades. What sets Rotobec grapples apart is the innovative jaw design, meticulously shaped to allow wood, even if crooked, to roll effortlessly up its inner surface. This jaw curvature, perfected over years of engineering research, guarantees optimal rolling and efficiency for knuckleboom loader operators. Rotobec's legacy is rooted in ceaseless innovation, particularly evident in our pioneering rotator designs. Celebrated for our cutting-edge continuous 360° rotators, they are undeniably the most enduring in the market. Prioritizing easy maintenance, our rotators are designed with readily accessible greasing points and motors. Furthermore, their complete sealing allows them to be submerged up to 15 feet (3 meters) of water without any compromise on the 360° rotation. And with a fully supported pinion gear, you're assured of unmatched reliability, irrespective of where you operate. Elevating our offering to an unparalleled level, Rotobec has collaborated with industry giant Hultdins to introduce the Grapple Saws. This addition transforms our Log Grapple and Rotobec Power Attachment (RPA) Grapple into versatile powerhouses. These state-of-the-art saws are available in both .404 and .750 pitch, compatible with both the Heavy Duty and Super Heavy Duty series grapples, as well as the Rake and Bucket series of RPA’s. Operational ease is a guarantee with features like automatic chain tension, automatic saw bar return, a proportional lubrication system, and a bar feed cylinder. Step up your logging game and enhance on-site safety with our 2-in-1 grapple saw attachment. When you equip yourself with Rotobec, you're not just choosing a tool; you're investing in unmatched efficiency, durability, and innovation. Why settle for anything less than the industry's best? Choose Rotobec.

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