Mulchers for Skid-Steers

The perfect attachment to tackle material up to 8" diameter

Mulchers for Skid-Steers

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Mulchers for Skid-Steers Overview

A skid steer mulcher is a robust and versatile attachment designed to transform skid steers into powerful land-clearing machines. Fitted with a high-torque motor and specialized mulching teeth, this attachment effortlessly grinds, shreds, and converts dense vegetation, including trees, shrubs, and underbrush, into finely processed mulch. Its compact design allows it to maneuver through tight spaces and tackle a variety of terrains, making it indispensable for forestry applications, site preparations, land reclamation, and firebreak creation. Equipped with a reinforced protective hood and safety features, the skid steer mulcher ensures the safe containment of flying debris. Whether clearing an overgrown lot or maintaining walking trails, this mulcher is the ideal tool to get the job done efficiently and effectively. We proudly represent the Denis Cimaf, FAE, and ShearEx brand mulchers.





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