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Quiet and Powerful Whole House Generators

Cummins is the trusted choice of homeowners when it comes to dependable, long-lasting, and robust home standby power solutions. Whether you opt for a Cummins whole-home standby generator or a portable home generator, you can rest assured that your family will never be without power when you need it most.

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Cummins Generators Overview

Reliable Power You Can Count On

With Cummins Home Generators, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from having a global power leader right in your own backyard. With a rich history spanning over a century, Cummins has been the driving force behind everything from heavy-duty trucks to trains and tractors. Our track record includes providing dependable power generation to hospitals, data centers, and stadiums worldwide.

Now, you and your family can depend on that same level of expertise to access cutting-edge power technology with our home generators. Whether you're bracing for inclement weather, facing rolling outages, or dealing with ice storms and more, you'll never have to worry about losing your Wi-Fi connection or the contents of your freezer again. Discover the perfect generator for your home using our home generator size calculator.


Introducing the QuietConnect Series for Home Generators

When you're in need of a permanently installed home generator that's always prepared to supply power automatically, the QuietConnect series is your ultimate choice. Cummins' QuietConnect generators are meticulously engineered, rigorously tested, and proudly manufactured in the United States. They come packed with top-notch features that make them the ideal choice for whole-house generators:

  • Whisper-quiet operation
  • Robust and durable design
  • Convenient remote monitoring capabilities
  • Unparalleled reliability from a global leader in power generation

Discover the Perfect Whole House Generator for Your Needs

Cummins offers a range of home generators designed to cater to your specific requirements:

  1. Permanent 13 - 100 kW home standby generators that activate automatically when needed, compatible with both natural gas and LP gas.
  2. Robust 9,500-watt portable generators, ready to be connected to your home for backup power, powered by gasoline or propane.
  3. Lightweight and versatile 2,500- and 4,500-watt portable generators, running on gasoline, ideal for camping and outdoor activities.

What Makes a Cummins Home Generator the Right Choice for You?

  • Potent, eco-friendly engines powered by natural gas or propane for efficient performance.
  • Innovative sound attenuation technology ensures quiet and neighborhood-friendly operation.
  • Convenient remote monitoring enables you to oversee and control your standby generator from anywhere using your mobile device.
  • The quiet performance and compact design of Cummins generators allow for installation near your home, seamlessly blending into almost any landscape.

Determining Your Home Generator Power Needs

The size of your home generator depends on your power requirements, driven by the essential items you want to keep running during an outage. Contact us today for a no obligation home assessment to learn what size unit would work best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

A 20,000-watt residential standby generator is the perfect choice for maintaining power throughout your entire home during an outage, particularly if you have a larger residence or experience extended periods without power. In addition to the previously mentioned list, a 20,000-watt generator has the capacity to provide power to essential appliances like:

Washing machine
Electric dryer
Gas or electric cooktop

This generator size serves as an excellent starting point for supplying power to selected rooms. A 13,000-watt generator has the capacity to support essential household appliances and amenities, including:

Central air conditioning system
Electric water heater
Gas furnace
Electric garage door opener

Residential generators are typically smaller than those used for commercial and industrial purposes, but they function in a similar manner and share identical components. The optimal way to install a residential generator is by connecting it to the main electrical panel of the home, enabling it to supply power to all of the household's electrical circuits when necessary. This connection is facilitated through a device known as a transfer switch, which safeguards against electricity flowing from the generator into the power lines. This precaution ensures that utility workers are not exposed to electric shock hazards from residential generators while working on the power lines.

In most cases, residential generators are utilized as standby power sources. When there is a power outage, these generators automatically detect the loss of power and activate within seconds.

Portable generators, on the other hand, are downsized versions of residential generators and are equipped with engines approximately half the size of a lawnmower engine. There is a wide range of portable generators available, with many weighing 50 pounds or less. Their mobility makes them ideal for activities such as camping trips, outdoor gatherings, and construction projects.

Modern portable generators are equipped with standard AC outlets and USB charging ports. Some even feature Bluetooth connectivity and a smartphone app for monitoring the generator's status. Additionally, certain models have built-in batteries that can supply power for a period without needing the engine to start. It is essential to note that portable generators should never be operated indoors, within a vehicle, or inside a tent, as they can emit deadly carbon monoxide gas.

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