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Building North America's most capable trucks—for the most demanding job sites

When it comes to handling the most demanding tasks in the most challenging conditions, Acela Truck Company's extreme-duty line of trucks stands unrivaled. Originally engineered to excel in the harshest combat environments around the globe, Acela's Monterra line of severe-duty trucks brings battlefield-ready capabilities to your workplace. These FMTV trucks have proudly maintained their "ultra-reliable" status as recognized by the U.S. Army for the past 17 years, and now Acela is extending their availability for commercial applications.

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Acela Trucks Overview

Acela understands the critical importance of having the right equipment to ensure the efficient operation of your job site. Acela delivers on this need by offering the most capable truck in North America, designed to keep your demanding job sites up and running smoothly.

Introducing the Acela Truck Company Certified Reset Program™ for the Monterra Line of Trucks:

  • Acela's stringent Certified Reset Program for the Monterra line of trucks guarantees that you receive a vehicle that feels and performs like new, all at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a brand-new truck.

  • Backed by a one-year limited warranty*, the Certified Reset Program for the Monterra line ensures peace of mind for our customers.

  • Acela's process goes beyond a mere makeover. We meticulously disassemble, prepare, prime, and paint every fixed component on the cab and chassis. We also replace and upgrade over 600 parts with new, certified OEM-guaranteed components, following strict LEAN manufacturing practices.

  • Acela's highly skilled technicians operate in a meticulously controlled LEAN manufacturing environment to eliminate errors and consistently meet our high-quality standards.

Monterra Trucks have set the gold standard for extreme-duty excellence.

Complete Monterra truck resets encompass:

  • More than 300-point tests and inspections to guarantee performance and safety.
  • The replacement of over 600 new parts to ensure optimal functionality.
  • A like-new machine warranty to give you added confidence.
  • Expert service professionals from Acela Truck Company who are trained to provide top-notch support.
  • Use of genuine OEM parts from trusted brands such as Allison®, Meritor®, Goodyear®, Dana®, Caterpillar®, Parker®, Donaldson®, and more.

The best part of these Certified Reset Trucks is that they are all pre -emissions! That's right you can buy a pre-emissions truck with a warranty and not only have the most capable terrain conquering vehicle but not deal with any of the emission system hassles!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Acela Trucks is a Montana based company that specializes in manufacturing rugged and heavy-duty trucks designed for off-road and extreme-duty applications. They are known for producing trucks that excel in challenging environments and are often used in industries such as construction, forestry, mining, and military operations.

FMTV stands for "Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles," and it refers to a series of military trucks and vehicles designed for various logistical and transportation roles within the United States Army.

A "certified reset" typically refers to a process where a product or item, such as a vehicle, undergoes a comprehensive refurbishment and restoration process to bring it back to a like-new condition, or a condition that meets specific standards or certifications.

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