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At Autocar, we don't just build trucks and craft top-notch tools – it's woven into our very fabric. It's our daily motivation and the driving force behind every day we push forward.

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Autocar Trucks Overview

Here's what sets Autocar trucks apart:

Autocar stands out in the trucking world. Our prime goal? Your success. This commitment to your triumph makes us distinct from the competition:

  • Our collaboration approach is unique
  • We customize and construct your trucks with distinct care
  • Our support system is tailored just for you.

Your Autocar truck isn't just a vehicle; it's an extension of your family from inception. Tailored to your precise requirements, we begin by understanding the distinct challenges of your business and its applications. From there, we meticulously design and craft the perfect truck exclusively for you. It's no surprise then that Autocar trucks are more productive, dependable, and economical in operations.

Each Autocar truck is meticulously crafted from the get-go for its intended task. This involves tailoring the engineering specifically for the body you select and seamlessly integrating every component. The assembly takes place on Autocar's primary production line, ensuring precision and consistency. There's no resorting to off-the-shelf solutions or alterations in aftermarket modification shops. This unwavering attention to detail is why Autocar trucks proudly uphold the 'Always Up®' standard.

Autocar isn't merely a truck; it represents an entire dedicated team. When you invest in an Autocar, you're obtaining more than just an exceptional truck. You're gaining a direct line to a vast group of individuals at Autocar, all committed to your success. From the skilled professionals at Autocar Solutions® to comprehensive training, an extensive network of service stations across the nation, and a prompt parts response team, Autocar stands by you throughout your truck's lifespan.


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