Hood Loaders

Since 1965 Hood has been bringing the toughest loaders to the industry.

Hood Loaders is a long standing name in the forestry industry and one you can feel good to partner with. It doesn't matter if you need on highway or off highway applications they have you covered. Hood manufactures high capacity knuckle booms, truck mount, trailer mount, rough terrain loaders and slashers to help elevate your business and your bottom line.

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Hood Loaders Overview

At Morin Diesel, we are proud to be an authorized dealer for HOOD Loaders. As one of the top fabricators of forestry equipment, HOOD Equipment is dedicated to providing innovative and custom machinery that meets the specific needs of their customers. With over 50 years of experience in the industry, HOOD Equipment is well-known for their expertise in creating low-cost-per-ton harvesting solutions that exceed expectations.

HOOD Equipment's forestry line is truly impressive, covering everything from harvesting to loading, land clearing to biomass. Their extensive range includes skidders, loaders, loggers, tree harvesting systems, forwarders, felling and processing attachments, and severe duty off-road applications such as land clearing and site preparation. Whether you need a customized solution or a niche application, HOOD Equipment's line of logging equipment delivers maximum results on heavy-duty jobs.

John Hood founded HOOD Equipment Inc. in 1965 with a vision to improve the safety, comfort, and durability of logging equipment. He saw a gap in equipment solutions and designed and built the HOOD mobile slasher, which revolutionized the logging industry. Today, HOOD Equipment's engineering and production team is in-house, using cutting-edge technology and current industry knowledge to deliver the highest quality and most affordable products available.

As HOOD Equipment continues to expand, they remain dedicated to their original core value: providing quality products tailored to their customers' needs while keeping costs to a minimum. The demand for HOOD's material handling equipment is strong from coast to coast, and we are proud to partner with them to deliver their top-of-the-line products to our customers at Morin Diesel.

Hood 8000 Series Loaders

Hood's 8000 Series has a lift capacity of 11,900 pounds at 10 feet radius. It features a standard boom length of 22 feet, with optional boom lengths available up to 27 feet. The main and knuckle boom sections are made of high tensile steel, with 3” diameter pivot pins made from high strength yield steel. The stabilizers have a 12” square pivoting pad size and are individually controlled from the operator's seat with a 10’ – 6” wide spread at ground level. The hydraulic system includes a joystick operated linkage control, tandem hydraulic circuits operating at 2,250 PSI, and double and triple section gear or vane pumps providing up to 31 + 31 + 20 GPM @ 1500 RPM. The swing system features 630 degrees rotation and a hydraulic motor with a fail-safe brake powered planetary gearbox. The frame structure is made of fabricated high-tensile steel octagon construction, with an operator’s platform open grate steel flooring and leg guard for safety. The 8000 Series also includes optional features such as a telescoping extend-o boom, wider fold-out stabilizers, and hydraulic oil cooler, among others. It weighs 6,100 pounds with hydraulic oil and less attachments.

Hood 45000 Series Loaders

Hood's 45,000 Series is a rough-terrain carrier with a heavy-duty turntable bearing rated for loads over 600,000 ft. lbs. It has a lift capacity of 38,500 lbs at a 10-foot radius and is powered by a John Deere 6.8L Final Tier IV engine. Other features include a deluxe cab, heavy-duty booms, stabilizers, subframe, and rotation system. Optional features include a hydraulically actuated cab platform for adjustable height up to 17 ft. above ground level.

8000 Series - Market-Leading Most Powerful Loader

The HOOD 8000 Series kuckle boom loader is a proven, efficient, one-man solution to any material handling challenge. It is their HOOD's powerful loader, and is recognized as the industry leader in forestry, construction, recycing and waste cleanup.






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